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Posted By on August 28, 2023

Dear Residents,

I hope this email finds you well. We have several important updates and reminders we would like to share with you to ensure our community continues to be a safe and enjoyable place to live.

Security Update – Incident on Grand Ave

Last week, an unfortunate incident occurred on Grand Ave where individuals were caught on camera breaking into vehicles. While the suspects were not identifiable in the footage, we urge everyone to remain vigilant. Please report any suspicious activities immediately and contact LAPD if you feel threatened or endangered. For your own safety, always be aware of your surroundings and refrain from walking with headphones in order to stay alert.

Gym Etiquette

When using the gym, please adhere to common courtesy etiquette. This includes cleaning the equipment after use, refraining from playing loud music, avoiding personal phone conversations, and wearing proper gym attire.

Appliance Maintenance

As many of the original appliances in residential units are nearing the end of their lifespans, we recommend that you contact a qualified vendor for an inspection. If a replacement is deemed necessary, please coordinate with the front desk to schedule a delivery date. Please remember, that all vendors that work within the Association are required to submit their vendor insurance before coming to the property.

Pet Registration

We want to remind you that all pets must be registered with the association. Homeowners can register pets through the resident portal, while tenants should fill out the pet registration form at the front desk. Failing to register your pet is a violation of the Association’s Rules and Regulations, as well as the CC&Rs.

Please do not hesitate with contacting me if you have any questions or concerns.


Francisco Rodriguez

Manager Assistant



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