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Evo – Motus EQ Program – Mid-term Launch

Dear Evo Owners –

As you may remember, Evo HOA Board has made the Motus Earthquake Insurance Program available to you at the end of last year for 2024. Motus Insurance Services now offers the option to purchase coverage mid-year. This gives you the opportunity to OPT-IN to superior coverage for your unit (vs. the California Earthquake Authority and other condo options). Note that if you do not enroll, you will not have earthquake insurance coverage under the Motus opt-in program.

Select features include:

   Higher Limit: Motus offers up to $750,000 (or more, on request) of combined loss assessment and unit interior coverage (CEA’s Loss Assessment coverage is capped at $100k)

   Lower Cost: Motus is a fraction of the cost of CEA (on a premium per dollar of coverage basis)

   Coverage of Common Areas: Motus covers your share of damage to common areas…which CEA excludes

To sign up, please fill out and mail in the application included in the attached packet or call Motus at (833) MOTUS-IN / (833) 668-8746.

The deadline to sign up is July 1, 2024.

For more information on the Motus Program, including details of an upcoming informational webinar scheduled on June 26th, please review the attached information packet. If you have any questions, please contact Motus directly at (833) MOTUS-IN / (833) 668-8746 or


Evo – Newsletter

Dear Residents,  

Please review the below information.  

Bicycle Registration To expand our bicycle storage capacity, we are initiating a new bicycle registration process. This new system will replace all previous registrations, requiring every bicycle owner to re-register. To register, please complete a registration form and collect a decal from the front desk. The decal should be placed on the top of the handlebar. Registration begins on Monday, May 20, 2024 and must be completed by Friday, June 21, 2024. Please note, bicycles not registered by June 21st will be removed from the property. Please ensure the decal is correctly installed as specified. Attached to this communication is a Bicycle Registration Form. The decal number section is for office use only and will be completed by our team after you have registered your bicycle and picked up your decal at the front desk.  

Office Closure – Memorial Day – 05/27/24 The Management Office will be closed on May 27, 2024, in observance of Memorial Day. Please note that vendor work and vendors will not be allowed. Additionally, there will be no service elevator available for reservation, and furniture and appliance deliveries, as well as move-ins and move-outs, will not be permitted.  

The Palm – Promotion for Evo Residents The Palm has extended its “Dinner for Two” offer until June 2nd, along with a social hour menu. Additionally, all Evo residents can enjoy a 10% discount until September 3rd by simply identifying themselves as residents of Evo.



Evo Management


Evo – 5 Year- Fire Sprinkler Testing & Smoke Detector Testing Schedule

Dear Residents,

Fire sprinkler testing is required in all units and common areas every five years, per fire code. The testing will begin on Tuesday, June 11th, 2024, and will be completed on Wednesday, June 12th, 2024. An authorized vendor will conduct the testing, accompanied by an HOA staff member who will also provide unit access.

At the same time, our maintenance team will be testing the smoke detectors. Per fire code, smoke detectors are required to be tested twice a year

Please let us know if you have any questions at

Best Regards,

Evo Management


Evo – Schedule for Pool Renovations at Luma and Elleven – Noise Expected

Dear Residents,

We’ve been informed about renovations taking place on the Luma and Elleven pool deck. Here is the complete work schedule along with further details.

The Boards of Luma and Elleven have contracted with Downtown Pools to undertake a comprehensive renovation of the pool and spa. Starting on Monday, April 1st, the project is expected to span approximately 60 days. The pool area will be closed during this entire time. Below is an estimated schedule of the process and what to expect as the project progresses.

Weeks 1-2: Draining and Demolition

The existing deck, pool, and spa tiles will be demolished during these weeks. Heavy to medium noise levels and light dust exposure can be expected.

Weeks 3-4: Surface Preparation and Deck Installation

Surfaces will be prepared for new materials, and a new slate deck will be installed. Expect medium noise levels and light dust exposure during this phase.

Weeks 5-6: Pool and Spa Tiling

New tile will be installed in the pool and spa interiors. Minor noise levels can be anticipated during the tiling process.

Weeks 7-8: Project Completion and Final Inspection

The final clean-up and inspection visits will occur during these weeks. No significant noise or dust is expected.

The estimated project completion date is June 15th, 2024.

Please do not hesitate with contacting our management team at if you have any questions.


Francisco Rodriguez

Manager Assistant


Evo – Get Your Car Washed With Wosh!

Did you know? You can wash your car at Evo without a drop of water! Wosh offers an innovative waterless car wash service. All you need to do is scan the QR Code below to download the app, book a Wosh, and then sit back and relax. The Front Desk won’t manage key handovers for Woshers. Instead, you’re invited to use one of the Courtesy Safes. Just share the safe’s code with the Wosh Team, allowing them to access and return your keys after your vehicle has been serviced. Vehicle washing is not permitted in your parking space. The designated washing area can be found in the Ground Level Parking. Please visit to find more information!



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