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Building Wide Water Shut-Off Dates – October 23, 2020

We have received confirmation of the building wide water shut-off dates to perform final phases of the building wide plumbing repairs. The dates are November (Thurs) 12th, (Tues) 17th, and (Thurs) 19th. The hours will be between 9AM to 5PM and will affect both hot and cold water for the entire building. The Lobby Restroom will be available for use as well as portable bathrooms which will be located near the South Gate. Please note that the hot/cold water shut-off WILL AFFECT your HVAC system so please make sure to turn off your HVAC before the shut-off to prevent your system from tripping. We will send you additional reminders closer to the shut-off dates.

Building-Wide Plumbing Repairs Update Crane Date – September 3, 2020

Following the update last month regarding building wide plumbing repairs, we have now confirmed a crane date with the Department of Transportation (DOT).  It will be on Saturday, September 26th starting at 6:00am and the duration is approximately 10-12 hours.  Unfortunately, DOT schedules this type of projects on Saturdays in the area because of traffic during the week.  Noise is expected during the full duration of the project.  At time, expected noise will be loud.  The crane will be located on Grand Ave. and residents facing the east side will probably be able to see the crane from their unit. As described in the attachment, the crane is necessary to carry all new equipment on the roof.  The Plumbing Company in charge of the repairs will begin installation of the new equipment on the roof on Monday September 28th for approximately 4 weeks.  When the project on the roof is completed at the end of October/early November, the team will pursue with replacement of remaining plumbing fittings for an additional 2-3 weeks.  It is also when multiple 8-10 hours water shut-off will be required.  When the specific days for the water shut offs are confirmed, we will provide a schedule and you will be able to plan angle stop replacement.

Building-Wide Plumbing Repairs Update – August 20, 2020

Since March, all building wide plumber repairs related to the settled litigation from 2018 have been on hold because of COVID-19.  In order to pursue plumbing repairs,  several daily 8-10 hours water shut off are necessary.  Because of stay-at-home requirements, the HOA has decided that long water shut-offs were not feasible.  Building wide water shut offs are also impacting the Air Conditioning system in all residential units. All other water shut offs scheduled for specific areas of the building, similar to water interruptions you may have experienced recently, do not impact the Air Conditioning system because they do not affect the entire building. Your Air Conditioning system is only impacted if the shut off is building wide. Remaining repairs include the replacement of the plumbing equipment on the roof and completing replacement of all plumbing fittings, especially on the 5th, 21st and 23rd floors. Replacement of the remaining plumbing fittings will require all-day water shut offs.  A crane will also be necessary to proceed with the project on the roof, to carry all new large pieces of equipment.  We are currently scheduling a date with the Department of Transportation (DOT) for the crane day and should receive a confirmation from DOT by the end of the month.  We will inform the community when the date for the onsite crane work is confirmed, since noise is expected.  

Until all repairs are completed, you may still experience water temperature and pressure issues.  Based on your location in the building, your experience with water temperature and pressure may vary.  Please contact front desk if you have an issue with water temperature or pressure. In most cases, our team will be able to help resolve each situation.   Following the completion of all plumbing repairs, our team will also need to visit all residential units to replace Pressure Balancing Valves (PBU).  Only when all of the repairs are completed and PBUs are replaced, should we expect an efficient water system.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 has delayed completion of the project, but we now expect to resume repairs this fall with the goal to complete the project by the end of the year, if we are able to visit all residential units to replace PBUs after completion of all repairs. 

Recommended Angle Stop Replacement

Angle stop is the shut-off valve found under every kitchen and bathroom sink, toilet, etc. Basic angle stops are commonly installed models during original constructions, but they do not necessarily function well over a long period of time. Angle stops in units at Evo are the same type of basic commonly installed model. Based on the number of bathrooms, residential units at Evo have multiple angle stops. Since the building is now 10+ years old and, as we have previously communicated, we still recommend that homeowners consider replacing existing angle stops with a higher quality model to ensure that the water can be completely shut off when necessary and avoid possible leaks.  One of the higher quality models is Dahl angle stop, also offering a lifetime warranty.  A Plumbing Company, such as Evo’s preferred vendor R&R Plumbing can help with the replacement.  Since a water shut off is necessary to replace angle stops, we suggest homeowners undertake this upgrade during upcoming water shut offs related to the building wide plumbing repairs noted above.  If you can replace during a scheduled HOA water shut off, you will be able to avoid the $500.00 HOA water shut off fee. If you are interested, please contact the management office.

Just for your information, the Board has previously decided to proceed with a resolution, requiring unit owners to replace original angle stops in all units.  Because of current restrictions related to COVID-19, this project is postponed, but it is still recommended to replace if you have the opportunity during our building wide water shut-offs. When and only your angle stops are operational, you can use attached recommendations for maintenance. If you are not sure about the condition of your angle stops, please contact the management office.

Please contact the management office if you have additional questions about above information.

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