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Did you know that you can now comment directly to the Board by clicking on the Contact the Board box to the right? Your Board has established this communication link for members to address any question, comment, or concern they may have. The Board will discuss these in Open Forum at its monthly meetings and confidentiality will be maintained.

Manager’s Messages

Annual Regulation IV Testing

Per City of Los Angeles Fire Code requirement, Annual Regulation IV Testing of all fire life safety equipment is scheduled for November 14 – 16, 2018.

Important reminder: Fire alarms will to off sporadically throughout both days. Any persons with special needs, i.e. pets, infants, etc. should take any necessary precautionary measures to accommodate them.

The Crew in charge of testing will access ALL units on November 14, 2018 in order to test fire life safety equipment inside ALL units, including smoke detectors. Evo staff will escort the testing crew in all units.

Wednesday November 14 – Residential Unit Testing

Access to all units will be required in order to test equipment in units.
Unit access schedule will be as follows:
8 AM – 1 PM: Floors 3-12
1 PM – 5 PM: Floors 13-21, PH1, PH2, Townhomes
Note: due to the number of units to cover, it will not be possible to accommodate schedule requests for unit access.

Thursday November 15 – Common Area Testing

Emergency Generator Testing:
Starting at 11 AM, lasting approximately one hour
• Main power will be shut off. The building will have staggered lighting in the common areas.
There will be no power in units during this test.
Elevator Testing:
Starting at 12 PM, lasting approximately one hour
All elevators will be offline; stairwells will be open for use.
• If you are unable to use the stairs and require elevator access between 12 PM and 1 PM, please contact the front desk for assistance.

Friday November 16 – Common Area Testing

Stairwell Pressurization Testing:
Starting at 9 AM
• A full building alarm must be simulated in order to test this system. The alarm klaxon will be silenced, but strobe lights in all areas will remain active for the duration of the test.

Community Updates | Week of 10/20/2018

Greetings Evo Residents and Homeowners,

Please see updates below.


New Resident Portal

The Vivo Portal, which was available previously, is transitioning to the new Resident Portal. The Resident Portal can allow you to access vital information, update your records, view correspondence, and manage your homeowner account (unit owners only.) If you have not yet registered your account, you may do so by visiting https://resident.actionlife.com and following the onscreen prompts. All residents may register and create an account. Homeowners, you will need to enter your account number for homeowner access, which will allow you to manage your account online and access homeowner documents. Contact the management office for assistance with your account number.


If you were previously registered on the Vivo Portal, you will need to “migrate” your account to the new Resident Portal. To accomplish this, just log in once to the new Resident Portal using your same email address and password from your Vivo Portal account and follow a few onscreen prompts. You will be asked to change your password.


If you encounter any difficulty, please contact the management office and we will be glad to assist you.


South Garage Gate Status Update

Since the replacement of the door operator this last summer, a part named limit assembly keeps failing. The installer has not been able to resolve this situation despite several attempts. It has now been decided to involve the manufacturer to fix or replace the operator and related parts. In the meantime, a patrol is monitoring the gate 24/7 and the installer/manufacturer is responsible for all incurred cost.


New Electrical Billing

The electrical charges for September billing period have been processed and posted to all accounts. As a reminder, all charges, beginning with this month going forward, are based on actual measured electrical consumption. Previously, electrical charges were determined based on your unit’s square footage only. Due to this change in billing method, you may notice a change in the amount of your electrical bill. Please call the management office if you have any questions regarding your bill.


Gas Testing at the Aven

The gas company will be purging the system of natural gas at the Aven construction site, across the street from Evo at 1120 S. Grand Ave., next week, Monday October 22 – Friday October 26, 2018. We have been informed that there may be a gas odor in the air, but this is typical for this process and there is no danger. Please consult the Aven’s community blog for further details: https://www.mccormickpermits.com/blog/1120-s-grand-ave-los-angeles-ca-90015


Window Cleaning Update

Include: window update (locations per calendar, boom lift work, balcony update, balcony floor last call)

Window washing will continue until Friday, November 9th. Work hours are between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday.  Cleaning of balcony glass and metal surfaces is will take place from October 31 – November 8, 2018. The schedule of cleaning has been sent to all residents who signed up.


Optional Balcony Floor Cleaning is Available:

In addition, a new balcony floor cleaning service is still available! For a fee, Facility Masters will scrub your balcony floor. There is still time to request this service! The cost will depend on the size of the balcony. The fee will be billed to your HOA account. If you would like to register for cleaning of balcony floor, please contact Eduardo Campillo at ecampillo@actionlife.com or 213-741-2700.


Parking Garage Cleaning

Parking garage cleaning will take place October 29 – November 5, 2018. Work hours are 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM each day.

Please move your vehicle out of your parking space on the designated day so your parking space may be cleaned. The schedule of cleaning is below.


Date: Locations:
Mon October 29, 2018 Ground Level
Wed October 31, 2018 P1 Level, all areas
Fri November 2, 2018 P2 Level, all areas
Mon November 5, 2018 P3 Level, all areas


Maintenance Reminder HVAC System

A friendly reminder to make sure to perform required maintenance on your hvac system at recommended intervals. Failure to do so can result in system failure requiring expensive repairs, replacement, and failure of the system can also cause water leaks, damaging your unit as well as neighboring units and common areas. Be sure to:

  • Change the air filter in your hvac system at least twice per year. Evo staff can perform this service for a small fee. Contact the front desk to request it.
  • Have your unit inspected by a certified technician at least once per year in order to detect any problems
  • Keep the hvac unit clear of obstructions. Obstructions can create conditions that may damage the system.

This document contains further maintenance recommendations to ensure that your system continues to run as effectively as possible.


Evo Updates: Week of 10/16/2018

North Parking Garage Gate Closure

The North Parking Garage Gate will be shut down in the closed position from 12:00 AM midnight until approximately 4:00 AM on Wednesday October 17, 2018 – the night of Tuesday October 16th. This is necessary in order to conduct an emergency repair on the gate. This work requires disconnecting the counter weights that allow it to remain open, so is not possible to leave it open.

During this work, the gate will remain closed. Entry and exit to the garage will not be possible for vehicles. Please plan accordingly.

We are aware of the inconvenience this will cause and thank you for your patience. In order to minimize the impact to the community, the work has been scheduled for a late hour. If you need the use your car during this time period, we recommend parking offsite on Tuesday evening.

Please contact the management office with any questions or concerns you may have by replying to this message or calling 213-741-2700. Thank you and have a great evening.

Balcony Glass/Metal Panel Cleaning

The schedule for cleaning of balcony glass and metal panels is available hereEvo staff will escort the cleaning crews to all balconies/patios.

[CLICK HERE] to download the balcony cleaning schedule.

Bell Cart Use

Effective immediately, in order to borrow a bell cart from the front desk, an Identification Card will need to be provided and left at the front desk. The identification card will be returned once the Bell cart is returned. We have encountered numerous instances of carts not being returned, making it impossible for other residents to use them. Carts have also been left in the common areas without notifying staff. We hope this new requirement will encourage the prompt return of all carts so that they may be available to all residents.




Community Announcement | 10/3/2018

Hot Water Shutoff Notice

Please be advised that hot water service to the entire community will be shut off on Thursday October 4, 2018 between the hours of 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM in order to drain the hot water storage tank and clean it. This process is part of vital maintenance needed in order to maximize the performance of the component and maximize its life span. Only hot water will be shut off; the cold water supply will function normally. The common area restrooms will also be affected and have cold water only. Please plan accordingly.

Hot water service will be restored as soon as the repair is complete.

Please feel free to contact Evo management team with any questions or concerns at 213-741-2700.

We apologize for the inconvenience this will and thank you for your patience.


Electrical Billing Update

A new sub-metering system capable to measuring electrical consumption in each unit has been installed. After a testing period over the past couple of months, the system is ready for use in billing. Beginning with the service period for September 2018 and going forward, Electrical billing is based on the actual measured electrical consumption of each unit, and no longer based on square footage. Due to the change, you may notice a change in the charge for your service. The charge for the month of September will be on your statement for the month of November. Please contact the management office if you have any questions.


Window Cleaning

Washing of all exterior windows and balcony glass at Evo is underway. This project will continue through Friday November 9th, 2018. Cleaning of all balcony glass and exterior panels (excluding the balcony floor) is available at no additional charge. In order to have your balcony glass and exterior panels cleaned, you must sign up. Please contact Xochitl Diaz at xdiaz@actionlife.com to register. The deadline to register is October 5th, 2018.

In addition to complimentary cleaning of balcony glass and metal surfaces, optional cleaning of your balcony floor is available for an additional fee. The attached service quote from Facility Masters details the fee for cleaning the different balcony sizes at Evo. Please contact the management office if you need help determining your balcony size. Please contact Eduardo Campillo at ecampillo@actionlife.com or 213-741-2703 if you wish to have your balcony floor cleaned. The deadline to sign up for this service is October 12th, 2018. The corresponding fee will be charged to your HOA account.

The fee for cleaning of balcony floor will depend on the size of the balcony. Please refer to the table below for pricing. If you are unsure of your balcony size, please contact the management office. You may also refer to the attached schedule for further details.


Balcony Floor Cleaning Cost
Cost Balcony Type Size
$180.00 Type A 6′ × 12′
$180.00 Type B 4′ × 18′
$180.00 Type C 4’8″ × 18′
$210.00 3rd floor Type 1 16’3″ × 26′
$180.00 3rd floor Type 2 4′ × 5′
$210.00 Unit 303 & 304 36′ × 20’7″
$270.00 6th floor Type 1 38’7″ × 52’11”
$270.00 6th floor Type 2 7′ × 36′
$300.00 Penthouse Type 1 16’4″ × 172′
$240.00 Penthouse Type 2 6′ × 172′
$180.00 Townhome 3’8″ × 22′

The schedule for balcony cleaning will be released once the signup process is complete.


Fire Drill

High Rise Safety Systems will conduct the Annual Fire Drill at Evo on Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 6:00 PM. All locations and floors will be evacuated. Participation is mandatory!


Fire Life Safety Testing at the Aven

The Aven construction site at 1120 S Grand Ave (across the street) will be conducting fire life safety equipment testing this week, through Friday October 5, 2018. Hours are 4:00 PM until approximately midnight each night.

  • The team is performing as much of this work during regular work hours in order to be able to finish as early as possible each night.
  • You may hear alarms or see flashing strobes coming from the site during the testing.
  • Pre-testing will be conducted after hours this week. Final testing with LADBS and LAFD will take place during regular work hours at a later time to be determined.

Please do not hesitate to contact the site superintendent, Michael Zangara, with any questions you may have. He can be reached at 213-615-9853 or Michael.zangara@aecom.com.


Filming at barcito

Filming for the television series Good Trouble will take place at barcito on Thursday October 4, 2018, between the hours of 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM. The project will include filming an outdoor scene on the front patio and may entail intermittent traffic control. You may contact the site representative with any questions or concerns as follows:

Monica Chavez

Property Production Manager




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